Friday, November 21, 2008

Twitter Taste Live - Drink Local! Rockhouse Meritage 2006 Tryon, NC

Last night I participated in my fist Twitter Taste Live, or #TTL, for those in the know. This was a fantastic experience. Wine "Tweeters" from all over the country, and one from China even, grabbed a bottle that had a tiny carbon footprint and drank. Then we tweeted about our wines. Easy enough! But, it was HALARIOUS! Some of us had great wines, I'm looking at you @oenophilus, he had Seghesio. Grrr. And some of us had complete and utter, well I wouldn't repeat those words in polite company, @dhonig2 *cough*.

I, on the other hand, had something somewhere in the middle. Rockhouse 2006 Meritage from Tryon, NC. This is a blend of %20 Merlot, %40 Cabernet and %40 Cab Franc.

When I opened it, it smelled of sweat socks, foot and green pepper. I've been drinking Bordeaux for a while, and I understand that smell, but damn was this funky. I let it blow off for a while, about an hour, before the #TTL started. Then I dug into it. The green pepper remained, but the sweat sock retreated into a more leathery tobacco thing, that was pleasing, but not fantastic.

The core color was VERY deep, dark ruby. But the rim was near colorless, really interesting.

The palate was wet barnyard and forest undergrowth with hints of vegital-ness (think roasted green pepper). Not bad, needs a few more years in bottle to live up to its potential.

The finish was very lackluster. It came, I tasted and it went.

For $20 it was better than many NC wines I've tasted, but still not awesome. Give NC a few years and we'll be making great wines... we just need time!

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